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This is relevant to my interests

Lucy and Edina
Originally uploaded by bunnyhop
Okay, so I'm browsing the Flickr looking at intersting images and whatnot, and then I come accross images of a bi-weekly event called the "Hoppy Hour!" And what does Hoppy Hour involve? Lots of bunnies scampering about and crazy bunny ladies and dudes thinking about how they want to get it on with you and other bunnies humping your bunny while your cuteness quotient gets blown away like woah.

Do you see how engaged all the humans in the background are in loving on all the bunny interaction? None of my friends understand, quite, and my attempts to get into touch with two Ok Cupid dudes who also have pet bunnies and seem rather pumped about the said pet bunnies have all but fallen flat. (I would like these attempts to succeed with a binky!)

I would like to know why this only happens in the Twin Cities. I want to go to a Hoppy Hour post haste. I want to pet five bunnies all sniffing and scritching and feeling soft under my fingers. I want my bunny to finally bask in the presence of her species, a group that understands how over rated manners can be (her usual housemates, the cats, just don't understand.)