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Crazy rat ladeez

I was surfing around the net, looking for trouble in all the right e-places when I came across a rat costume. Then, I came across some more rat costumes.

Making rat costumes has got to be a labor of love. I mean, they poop and pee everywhere. Which means they'd poop and pee on their costume.

I do not deny that I would like to dress my pets up in costumes. I do not deny that I'm just that sick. But the cats would run away and the bunny would just eat her costume by the time I'd gotten the camera.

The Rat Fan Club begins its webpage with an image of a rat on top of a pile of stew. Is the fate of these becostumed rats as ominous as the critters at the Peruvian Guinea Pig Festival? I can not tell you; I was not there.

Whatevs. Here are some pictures of some rats.

Here is a rat dressed as a jester.

Angel and devil, according to the perceptions of the rats. Known to consume the flesh of under-attended to babies and invalids, these rodents apparently see the head of their stupored caretaker as a gord ripe for nibbling.

Here is a superhero rat, pooping through the air as she takes flight!

Here we see a rat dressed as Captn Hook. Notice the gargantuan balls hanging from that critter. The human also appears to have some weird bump on its wrist.

Here we see a rat allegedly attired to resemble a Christmas tree. I'd like to claim that the owner of the rat has an ulterior motive, however, and has actually put the rat in a bilnged out funerary shroud. Does the owner anticipate the critter's transition to a post-mortem status in the near future? Very ominous, overall.

Here we see a rat dressed in old west style. Gnashing those fangs isn't going to do much to fight off the stampeding, impaling elephant (at right, background), however.